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How to create a DestinyCalls profile and attract buyers to purchase your Gigs...

Welcome to DestinyCalls, we’ve created the following steps to help you create a wonderful Gig listing, that enables you to shine your Light brightly for your buyers:

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DestinyCalls is the world's largest marketplace for spiritual services. If you are a lightworker and have a talent. You can share your light and talent within our buyer community and make money while you are helping souls find their light. Whether you are a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Astrologer, or Soul Lighter, DestinyCalls has a home for you.

<< Step 1

You will find that on our Home page is a button called My Account. Click on this link in order to either Register for an account with DestinyCalls or to log in to an existing account.

Step 2 >>

Congratulations you have arrived at your account within DestinyCalls. As you can see we have set up your account like a Dashboard to make it easy to navigate around. Please create your profile in My Details before moving onto creating any Gigs / Service listings. Your profile is how you present yourself to the DestinyCalls community. You are encouraged to present yourself in a professional & friendly manner.

Remember your Profile is extremely important as your potential buyers will read this and they will decide if they want to purchase any of your Gigs. We recommend you be open and honest, let your true light shine through.

<< Step 3

Add Listing (Create Your Gig / Service)

After you have clicked on the Add Listing button site.

The first step to creating a Gig is to add an image that will showcase your Gig. In the Select File click Browse and select an image from your own computer files. Upload photos that describe or relate to your Gig. Once you have Uploaded your image file, you are now ready to start creating the content for your Gig.

Gig Title: 

In the GIG TITLE field, write a title of up to 80 characters. Your title should be short, clear, and to the point.

Gig Content:

In the Description field, briefly describe your Gig (up to 3,000 characters). Be as detailed as possible so buyers will be able to understand if this meets their needs.

Tell your buyer what you need to start the order. You can define instructions for your buyer as free text, a multiple choice question, or a file upload

Step 4 >>

Once you have completed your Gigs description, you move down the page to the In the Keyword  field, add a minimum of one word or phrase that best describe your Gig. Next click on the  Category drop-down menu, here please select the appropriate category your Gig fits.

If you have a Video you want buyers to view, simply add into the Youtube Video section

It’s a great new way to give your buyers even more choice, and to push your average order value higher! The sky’s the limit. 

<< Step 5

Upselling – Monetizing Your Gig

You can maximize your revenue by upselling your Gig with extras before, and after the order.

For example if you wanted to offer your reading as an Express 24hr service place this into your title within the Options field. Then decide how much you would like to charge extra for the 24 hrs service… $10 or maybe $15. Try not to overcook these additional extras as it can turn buyers off.

Once you have reviewed your new Gig, simply click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page…
You are now good to go… Congratulations