Are You a Lost Soul?

December 5, 2019 Spiritual

What is Your Soul?

I’m sure you’ve heard the idea that we all have a Soul. But what does this actually mean? Consider the idea that every person is born with an individual life path with each person or  “Soul” comes with a unique life with different opportunities and struggles.

Why do We Really Struggle in Life?

The main reason your Soul chose it’s human life to go through those  hard times in life is because it wants to conquer them! Your Soul has lived many lives here on Earth, some are older than others but in each life it’s your Souls mission to conquer the challenges you’ve failed before in your past life so your Soul can become wiser and become enlightened, finally to ascend.

The Benefits of Understanding Your Soul

There are 5 real benefits to understanding and connecting to your Soul / Higher Self.

  1. Enhanced Intuition Your intuition greatly increases making that “gut feeling” even stronger for you to make the best decisions.
  2. Clear Path Your Soul purpose becomes clearer, you’ll see a clear vision of your life path ahead without being clouded by fear.
  3. Unconditional Love Ability to love yourself unconditionally, realising Love comes from within you’ll no longer look for love from other people or sources.
  4. Negative Energy All the negativity in your life will seem to fade, even the negative people in your life. If you’re producing positive vibes that’s what you’ll receive.
  5. Gratitude Most importantly you suddenly become thankful for everything in life, even your struggles. You know that everything that happens is all a part of your life path that ultimately comes together in the end.

Take time to Discover who YOU really ARE…

If you want to get closer with your Higher Self  / Soul! then try doing a little research on your life path number. This is a unique number calculated by your date of birth. This number can tell you all about this life path you’re in that your soul chose. You can learn about what your soul struggles with, its strengths and so much more.

Getting Soul Connected

If you want to get to know your Soul properly and reconnect to your true being, here are a few tips that may help you achieve that goal.

  1. Meditation  This can be one of the best ways to connect with your Soul, by reducing stress, and helping promote a more emotionally healthier outlook helps your Soul move forward. Mediation also has additional benefits towards your mental and even physical health.
  2. Remember what You Love. Spending time doing the things you truly Love and that make you feel happy or joyful is a great way to look deep into your Soul. If you’re struggling, think of the small things that you may notice throughout the day that fill you with joy. These are the things that feed your soul and make life worth living. The more you give your soul the things it loves, the stronger it becomes and in return, the stronger your connection will be.
  3. Spend time with Nature. Being present to all of the beauty around you can instantly connect you with your Soul. Take a walk in the Park with all the wonderful trees, sit by a flowing river, water is great in soothing the Soul. It can help you discover the essence of who you are and can help put your life into a clear perspective. Especially if you’re feeling stressed, or anxious as it can quiet your mind and bring peace within nature will centre your Soul. Be aware of all you’re senses, be present in the moment!! notice the little things in life you never took time to notice before.

Is your Soul Lost??

Some people close off their spiritual self, this often results in a, “lost soul” which brings many negative aspects into your life. Many Beings simply don’t understand what a Soul actually is, so take no notice of it! here are a few signs your Soul might be Lost.

  1. Feeling Disconnected Lost Souls feel like it’s them against the world, they may feel threatened by other people. They don’t have much desire to connect with anyone and put their walls up anytime someone tries to get too close. They feel that no one understands them.
  2. Repeating Bad Habits Lost Souls feel they have no purpose here on earth, they use their time to engage in bad habits in order to take their mind off of reality for a while, using drugs, alcohol, bad foods, or other harmful substances in an attempt to mask their pain.
  3. Loss of Motivation Lost Souls tend to let their Egos get in the way, they also often feel depressed, worried or overwhelmed with anxiety. Your Ego can control every aspect of your life, without you even realising it!!

Raise your Soul

The first and most important step to reconnecting with your Soul is to look your Ego squarely in the eye!! Tell it that it no longer controls you because it doesn’t serve your best interest. The Ego thrives on weakness so you must stand up to it. Allow your Highest Self ? Soul to run free at last.

DestinyCalls has many Lightworkers who can help you reconnect with your true essence your Soul. We all want to see you all shine your light brightly.

Love & Light

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